302 AB Geliahao Glue (Laptop Hinges Repair / Body Repair Glue)

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Brand Good Brothers
Model AB Glue 40g
Net Weight 40+40=80g


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  • O adhesive de acrylate modificado from Geliahao (HL-302) is a two-component adhesive (A and B) synthesized with advanced technology. Its main ingredient is methyl acrylate, and the other ingredients are hardeners, tonics, stabilizers, initiators, antipolimerizante, etc.
  • Its main application is as rigid glue, paste to be used for many materials among themselves or with other, as steel, iron, aluminum, aluminum alloy, titanium, Stainless steel, ABS, PVC, nylon, polycarbonate, plexiglass (polimetial methacrylate), vidro hardened, polyester resin, polyurethane, cement, porcelain, china, wood, etc.
  • When gluing glass objects the initial force is large, But sometimes it can take off because of the high coefficient of expansion.
  • Not suitable for galvanized metal, red copper, brass, zinc, celluloid, politetrafluoretileno (PTFE), poliorganosiloxano, etc.
  • The effect connection to flexible materials is not very good.
  • The main applications are as follows: Laptop Body Repair, cars, Mopeds, machines, chemical canos, storage tanks, wood furniture, nameplates in lamps and lanterns, daily life, Scientific Research, etc.


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